Thursday, July 14, 2016


It seems like I'm always adding a new podcast to my ever growing "to-listen" to list! Yikes. What began as a fun way to take a break from enjoying audiobooks, to cleanse by ear palate, has turned into hours of podcast fun!

Don't get me wrong. I love audiobooks, They are great entertainment and as a writer, they can sort of subliminally keep my brain on "creative mode". But, podcasts are more for fun. I've found they can stimulate the brain in other ways, different from other modes of information and entertainment.  Maybe not creatively, but certainly I learn something every now and then.

THE LIST part one (in particular order...)

The News from Lake Wobegon
One segment of the A Prarie Home Companion show, Garrison Keillor tells a great short story each week. It has the fun feel of a rambling story but seems carefully plotted at the same time, and it's just full of hilarious bits.

TED Radio Hour
Not sure how I got into this one, I just can't stop listening! Don't blame me if you get stuck too.

Snap Judgement
Very entertaining stories, each with a related theme. Some snappy "sound design" included.

Science Friday
It's science! Need I say more. Well, maybe. You don't have to listen on a Friday. And sometimes I learn something.

Sensing a theme here? There are plenty of non-NPR podcasts out there too. Next time I'll get into some of my favorites, including some actual play role-playing games!

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