Sunday, August 21, 2016

What podcasts do you listen to?  Any of these?

THE LIST part two (in particular order...)

Wait Wait Don't Tell Me - The best way to keep on on current events.

Car Talk - Two brothers laughing and answer car repair questions.  Its a show with three halves- what could be better than that?

Radiolab - Another NPR show- this one usually has a science topic, and the hosts are entertaining, really bringing their stories alive.

The Adventure Zone - NOT an NPR podcast?  Yeah, but I first heard about it on an NPR podcast.  Three brothers play Dungeons & Dragons with their dad.  This podcast is absolutely highlarious!  They start out playing the 5th Edition starter set game and then embark on their own campaign- complete with re-occuring NPCs and all sorts of wild shenanigans.

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