Saturday, June 11, 2016

ABOUT *A TALE OF TWO HEROES* .... a work in progress ....

One quest, two heroes, two stories.

A complex machine, lost to all memory, lies beneath the town of Hawk Haven and the surrounding lands.  Constructed as a great experiment when the world was new, designed to control the flow of time and sew together the fabric of reality.  Left unmaintained for thousands of years, it was only a matter of time before something broke.

Beetle Warrior Illarytl – a loyal and brave guard of Hawk Haven.  Duty and service is her mandate.  When performers arrive in town and humiliate her, the chief guard puts her on reprimand leave.  Now she needs a way to redeem herself to her fellow warriors and townspeople, and regain her honor.  One thing is certain, she won't spend time watching the performers.

Penk- a thief specializing in the art of the fence.  Fencing goods behind his master's back is a profitable side venture.  When the master catches him, Penk realizes maybe it wasn't his best idea.  Now he just needs a place to lay low for a while, maybe let the master's head cool. Maybe find a way to get out of town for good while his heart still beats.

The malfunctioning machine splits Illarytl and Penk into two separate realities, sending them on the same quest, at the same time, but not together.  They each travel the same paths, accepting a friend's challenge to spend two nights in an ancient tomb.  Two nights when the holy comet crosses the sky and raises the dead of old from rest.  As the nights pass, Illarytl's and Penk's realities begin to overlap and they uncover the secrets of the great machine.  Can they find a way to repair it and merge realities back into one before the machine tears the region apart?  What will happen to their lives, their history, when things are fixed?

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©2016 Daniel Steeves Connaughton

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