Wednesday, July 6, 2016


While I have many books plotted out in my head and wish they'd all get themselves onto paper, my brain has taken an unforeseen side-track.  In addition to A Tale of Two Heroes, I'm also writing about a once-hero named Tarku Bavi who now scrapes by through solving other people's problems.  He mostly causes new ones for himself and the people he's supposed to be helping. The master of the Scribers' Guild hires him to persuade an opportunistic scribe to give back the extra copies he's made of certain mysterious documents. When the scribe ends up on the pointy end of a spear and the scrolls go missing, Tarku finds himself in the midst of more trouble than he ever dreamed.

From getting involved in a tax collection scheme to being misled by other parties trying to obtain the scrolls, Tarku is not having the easiest of times.  Actually, he just got stabbed in the back.  Well, hacked, really.  But he's having a great time catching up and adventuring with some old friends again.  If they could just stop joking around and focus on what needs doing!

I've been having a fun time playing around with the magic in this new world.  Tarku is an illusionist, so it is fun to explore how that works mainly by having to "sell" the illusion to the receiver.  How believable do illusions have to be?  Can even a little doubt totally crumple an illusion?  What if the receiver is distracted- will they not notice those difficult to add details are missing?

Back to it!