Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Back to the Paperback - THE BARROW by Mark Smylie

Another library book this time.  The cover and binding was reinforced with tape so it felt old and used, which is a good feel for a fantasy novel.  It’s the 6x9 paperback size and at 600+ pages it’s somewhat cumbersome to read at any angle or position.  It is a good size to read in the car though, just hard to fit in the glovebox, especially when the wads of Dunkin Donuts napkins don't want to share the space.

The experience of reading this book boils down how long it took me to complete.  It took me quite a while to read this one.  Long enough that I had to renew it twice and recheck it out twice to get through it.  Three main things contributed to this.  The first is that the book itself is chock full of exposition that really slows down the pace.  The second is all Netflix's fault for releasing the third season of Longmire along with some other shows I've been waiting for, which I just had to watch.  The third is that I lost interest a couple times in the plot.  I did finish it though and the ending was well worth it.  I returned it to the library for the last time just in time to pick up my next read.

For a somewhat more serious review of the actual of book, you can read my review at Goodreads here: Review of The Barrow at Goodreads