Sunday, May 29, 2016

Keeper of the Bones - ABOUT

Keeper Ormund is in charge of bringing the bones of dead soldiers who died in battle home to Kettle Hill for proper burial.  When a Bone Whisperer, a cleric with the power to read the lives of the dead in their bones, joins him, Ormund fears what the readings will reveal of his own sins.  The cost of his guilt will be his soul.

As Ormund and the Whisperer make their way to Kettle Hill, each of the fallen soldiers gets their own story told through their own eyes.  In their stories, an evil forest spirit, an agent of the enemy, seduces members of the army.  Her charms and the assignments she gives them threaten not only the sanity of the Kettle Hill soldiers, but also their lives.  With each reading, the Whisper draws closer to discovering Ormund's involvement and the more determined Ormund becomes to keep his secrets hidden.

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