Sunday, February 7, 2016

Imora - About

For centuries, Imora the Ice Dragon Imora has watched the fierce Dengals expand their empire across the high, cold mountain ranges.  While she works to drive them back, claiming the mountains as her own, each time she sleeps for a century, they regain their footing.  When they kill her son, she finds his heart struggling for survival in a pool of its own blood.  First, she must find a way to preserve the heart while she prepares to resurrect her son.  Her journey takes her deep beneath the mountains and to the highest cloud tops.  Forced to surrender to the long dragon sleep once again, a thief steals away with the heart.  When she loses her wings in battle, she must not only find a way to exist as a creature of the ground, but find the thief and save the heart before he uses its powers for himself.
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